Past Websites I Worked On

Some of the sites I have worked on are shown below:

mylanguagepal-247x300 – Online Language Swap

As part of a university project we created a website for users to exchange language skills. eg. A french person practises their english skills with an english person and vice versa. A number of new tools/challenges were faced. It was interesting to learn a PHP framework (symfony) that gave MVC separation. Working as a group meant my first real use of SVN. At last count the site had 267 registered users, WOOhoo!


Hong Kong – Student Affairs Office

While on IAESTE placement in Hong Kong for 3 months one of my tasks was a design overhaul of the student affairs office website and to use a CMS as the secretaries couldn’t edit HTML.

bbwinet-home-300x219 – small ISP

They requested a small “homely” design for their residential ISP. In the end they went with a more corporate professional design.

bknowledgeablecom-253x300 – Internet Startup

A website for those who seek knowledge. I never really understood the idea, but they knew the kind of design they wanted. Very little design work involved, was just a case of creating the HTML/CSS.

englishtalkonlinecom-256x300 – University Project

As part of an entrepreneurial project we required a quick website to offer language tutoring. Lets just say we never made it rich.


ALTA – Adaptive Learning, Teaching and Assessment

I worked at ALTA professionally for a year. They had an entirely custom written piece of software that they saw as the future of testing children. It had some very interesting ideas, test questions vary slightly to prevent cheating, tests adapt to how well a pupil is doing etc. I got a lot of experience of MS-SQL and ASP programming, including bug finding. The picture shown here is the “messaging” system I created to allow teachers to message pupils.

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