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Programming Projects

  • Pulse – SQL real-time visualization tools
  • qStudio – an IDE for kdb+
  • sqlDashboards – SQL java-based real-time visualization tools
  • Jpad – Instantly write java snippets and see nicely formatted results.
  • kdb Libraries – Including qunit.
  • jq – Open source implementation of q (github).



Company Contractor Cash Flow Diagram

code: digraph G { subgraph cluster_0 {label = “Me”;node [style=filled];pension salary dividend mbalance ISA stocks expenses;color=blue} subgraph cluster_1 {node [style=filled];NIC VAT CapitalGains IncomeTax Corporation;label = “Gov”;color=red} subgraph cluster_2 {node [style=filled];profits revenue cbalance employee;label = “Company”;} mbalance -> pension;IncomeTax -> pension [label=”tax relief”];mbalance -> stocks;stocks -> mbalance;stocks -> CapitalGains [label=”10% tax”];ISA -> mbalance;mbalance -> costs;revenue -> … Continue reading Company Contractor Cash Flow Diagram

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