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Programming Projects

  • Pulse – SQL real-time visualization tools
  • qStudio – an IDE for kdb+
  • sqlDashboards – SQL java-based real-time visualization tools
  • Jpad – Instantly write java snippets and see nicely formatted results.
  • kdb Libraries – Including qunit.
  • jq – Open source implementation of q (github).



Ongoing New Quotes / Articles

I have an old page: legendary quotes. As I gather new ones, I will add new ideas here and prune them over time: “Just recently I came to a realization, people and organisations exist in a competency / incompetency matrix. The competent orgs with incompetent people are your blue chips and “traditional” companies. They ship…

Crafting Interpreters – Nystrom

I have read this book, went through the exercises and went back to reference this book a number of times. It’s 10/10 excellent but I confess I almost forgot to write a review as I mostly read it online and only bought the (heavy book. See pic) to make sure the author got paid for…

Traction – Weinberg and Mares – Book

Traction – How any startup can achieve explosive customer growth Overall: 9/10 I orginally purchased this book in July 2016 and I’ve returned to it throughout the year to re-read sections and twice to re-read it fully. Contains a simple approach that forces developers like me that typically prefer development to sales to a) Realise…

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