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The Continuing Transformation of the Tech Industry

Assumed Axioms: Technology has impacted the world in 3 waves (List of companies by founding year) Hardware – Building the infrastructure Software – Easily scalable businesses e.g. social media Hybrid – Combining real-life and assuming always available internet. Software is eating the world (source) – “More and more major businesses and industries are being run … Continue reading The Continuing Transformation of the Tech Industry

Technology Companies by Founding Year

Steve Case the Third Wave.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u4WS4DhekWU Hardware Pure Software = Overnight Hybrid – Real-Life+Software mixed. Internet integrated sometimes invisibly. 1963 – AMD BIG1968 – Intel BIG 1974 – FoxConn BIG 1975 Microsoft BIG1976 – Apple BIG1977 – Oracle1984 – Sybase Database, MathWorks Matlab, Cisco, Dell BIG1985 – Corel Draw1987 – McAfee virus, Wolfram, Peoplesoft ERP1988 – … Continue reading Technology Companies by Founding Year

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