Company Contractor Cash Flow Diagram


digraph G {

subgraph cluster_0 {
label = “Me”;
node [style=filled];
pension salary dividend mbalance ISA stocks expenses;

subgraph cluster_1 {
node [style=filled];
NIC VAT CapitalGains IncomeTax Corporation;
label = “Gov”;

subgraph cluster_2 {
node [style=filled];
profits revenue cbalance employee;
label = “Company”;

mbalance -> pension;
IncomeTax -> pension [label=”tax relief”];
mbalance -> stocks;
stocks -> mbalance;
stocks -> CapitalGains [label=”10% tax”];
ISA -> mbalance;
mbalance -> costs;
revenue -> pension [label=”40K limit”];
revenue -> VAT [label=”14.5% VAT on revenue”];
cbalance -> dividend [label=”pay shareholders”];
“UK customer” -> revenue [label=”pays for services\n+20% VAT”];
customer -> revenue;
revenue -> profits;
profits -> cbalance;
revenue -> costs;
cbalance -> employee;
profits -> Corporation [label=”19% of profits”];
employee -> NIC;
employee -> salary;
salary -> IncomeTax [label=”20-45% tax”];
costs -> expenses [label=””];
pension -> mbalance;
dividend -> mbalance [label=”2K allowance”];
dividend -> IncomeTax;
salary -> mbalance;
mbalance -> ISA [label=”20K annually”];

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